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Day 1

December 7, 2021


SBCC Spotlight

  • Farheen from Radio Mewat, India
  • Meet Sesame Street India Muppets Elmo and Chamki

Session 1

Re-imagining Behaviour Change

Format: Comms Talk

Moderator: Dr. Neeru Johri, Head, Department of Communication Studies, Jagannath International Management School (JIMS), Delhi, India

  1. The Making of India’s Largest Urban Sanitation Behaviour Change Program, India (Abhinav Akhilesh, Sreejita Basu) PPT presentation available here
  2. Re-Imagining and Co-Creating Social Norms Change through Socially Engaged Arts, India (Sunayana Wadhawan and Priya John)
  3. Implementing Digital Toolkit for Normalizing Conversations on Comprehensive Sexuality Education among Young Adults in India. (Jahnavi Sharma) PPT presentation available here

Session 2

Gateways to Behaviour Change

Format: Oral Presentations

Moderator: Dr. Suparna Khera, Additional Director, National Institute of Public Health Training and Research, Mumbai, India

  1. Antenatal Care as a Gateway Behaviour to Increase Birth at a Health Facility: Opportunity for SBCC Programs, Bangladesh (Yasmin Siddiqua, Nandita Kapadia Kundu, Sanjanthi Velu, Zoe Hendrickson, Sabina Shahnaz, Syed Jafar Raza Rizvi) PPT presentation available here
  2. The Vicious Cycle of Malnutrition among Under Five Children in Bangladesh: Using Local Food Models as a Gateway to Health and Nutrition, Bangladesh (Sabina Shahnaz, Nandita Kapadia Kundu, Syed Jafar Raza Rizvi, Zoe Hendrickson,Yasmin Siddiqua, Patrick Coleman) PPT presentation available here
  3. Pilot of an Interactive Voice Response Service for Delivering Maternal Health Information to Expectant Fathers in Pakistan (Sacha St-Onge Ahmad, Mustafa Naseem, Shan Randhawa, Muhammad Bilal Saleem, Tallal Ahmad, Agha Ali Raza)

Session 3

Joining Hands for Innovation

Format: Oral Presentations

Moderator: Mandira Kalra Kalaan, SBCC Expert

  1. Faith Leaders as Change Agents to Reduce Early Marriage Incidents in Afghanistan (Natia Ubilava, Kate Kobaidze)
  2. Sustaining Behaviour Change with Local Government Engagement: Suaahara II, A Success Story for Nepal (Indra Dhoj Kshetri, Bishow Raman Neupane, Pooja Pandey)
  3. Fail Early, Fail Fast, Fail Often, but Don’t Fail Big: Managing Behavioural ScienceBacked Innovative Products and Services in Three Low Income Countries (Reshma Trasi, Cecelia Angelone, Sohrab Hussain, Zakari Congo, Kesete Berhane, Mohamad Brooks)

Session 4

Analysis for Catalysis & Innovative Media and SBC

Format: Oral Presentations

Moderator: Varinder Kaur Gambhir, Director Research, BBC Media Action

  1. Fortifying the Frontline: Developing a Targetted Approach to Outreach and Communication for Tuberculosis Health Workers in South India (Poornima Bathi Siddappa, Mallika Tharakan, Mohan H L, Bharatesh Shetty, Amar Shah, Reuben Swamickan)
  2. Triangulating Strengthened Capacity: Using Multiple Research Methods to Assess Changes in Social and Behaviour Change Capacity in Nepal (Lokesh Bhatt, Zoe Hendrickson, Pranab Rajbhandari, Shreejana K. C, TrishAnn Davis, Leticia De Los Rios, Sanjanthi Velu)
  3. Care Companion Platform: Developing a WhatsApp-Based Health Behaviour Change Messaging Platform to Encourage Healthy Behaviours (Shirley Yan, Sudhanshu Gautam, Arjun Rangarajan, Anindita Bhowmik, Victoria G, Anjali Gupta)

Session 5

Actualising Inclusion & Shifting Norms

Format: Oral Presentations

Moderator: Sona Sharma, SBCC Advisor, Action Against Hunger

  1. Power to the Powerless: Marginalised Adolescent Girls spearhead Social Change (Mallika Tharakan, Mohan H L, Sudeshna Dey, Satyanarayana Ramanaik, Raghavendra Thalinja, Prakash Javalkar)
  2. Action Reaction – Understanding and Overcoming Backlash Against Girls’ Exercise of Agency in India (Sucharita Iyer)
  3. Gender Norms among Unmarried Adolescent Girls and Boys (15-19 Years) in Sylhet and Chattogram Divisions of Bangladesh: Implications for SBCC Programs (Yasmin Siddiqua, Syed Jafar Raza Rizvi, Nandita Kapadia Kundu, Zoe Hendrickson, Sabina Shahnaz, Patrick Coleman)
  4. Navigating an Adolescent’s Life through an Avatar: A Game of Choice, Not Chance (Kavita Ayyagari, Namita Mohandas, Ashima Misri)
  5. Gender Equitable Approaches to Engage Men in Family Planning Communication and Decisions in India: Using Evidence Review and Human Centered Design (Kuhika Seth, Aishwarya Sahay, Kapil Vachhar, Pranita Achyut) PPT presentation available here